Samir Ayyash supports local NSW firefighters 2019

Event to supports local NSW firefighters 2019

Samir Ayyash founded Petra Equipment and Petra Group a while ago. With more than 25 years experience in the hospitality industry, Sam Ayyash decided he wanted to help NSW firefighters during the difficult time end of 2019 / early 2020.
He provides the required catering equipment and sponsor a local event to support financially NSW firefighters
picture taken at event


  • An Italian restaurant Pellegrini set the record for the longest pizza in Australia on Sunday with the help of many volunteers including sponsorship, pizza & catering equipment support to produce the 100m pizza on a large pizza stand.
  • It asked for a gold coin for every slice of pizza which went to the NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Cooking the pizza took over five hours and involved more than 50 volunteers
This event took place in Sydney after the devastating fire in Australia.

Picking the right Japanese restaurant

On the off chance that you want to eat at a Japanese restaurant in Sydney, there are a couple of things you ought to recollect. Right off the bat, there are just a couple of good Japanese restaurants in Sydney, which serve excellent quality food at the best costs. Also, you ought to consider the sort of food you are hoping to eat. Have you at any point had Japanese food previously? On the off chance that you had, you'd likely realize that you have to check the quality and sort of fixings the diner is utilizing and the administrations that it is promising to offer. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you want to eat Japanese dishes just because, it very well may be the very puzzling thing to pick an appropriate eating place. Regardless of whether you had such cooking styles previously or are intending to eat such foods, you ought to recall these pointers:
Before going out, you ought to invest some energy in looking into about an appropriate spot to eat Japanese food. Recall all the restaurants that guarantee to serve high quality Japanese cooking styles are not doing as such. In this manner, you should make it a point to peruse client audit and tributes and get a thought concerning the nature of food you can anticipate. You should put forth attempts to keep away from a restaurant that serves low quality or severely prepared food. The kind of the fish and fishes utilized in the planning ought to likewise be new. Just a rumoured diner will have all the fixings required for the plan of good quality Japanese food. Keep in mind, paying a couple of sums extra is commendable instead of eating terrible quality, dull dishes at lesser expenses. By and by, you ought to recall that the condition doesn't rely upon the payment. In this manner, you ought to do whatever it takes not to look for expensive restaurants; however, the one that serves great food at sensible costs.


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