Catering Equipment eBay Store

Catering Equipment eBay Store

Are you not sure which catering equipment to buy on eBay? Check out our store.
Trust you are purchasing your commercial kitchen equipment and supplies from a reliable supplier. Contact Commercial Catering Equipment Lansvale today. Please find below the links of all the new ebay listing from Petra Equipment store:
  1. Polar Counter Top Ice Maker
  2. Polar Patisserie Display Fridge
  3. Birko 1030601 Soup Kettle Black 9L, Brand NEW!
  4. CookRite ATFS-40 3 Tubes Gas Deep Fryer 26.4L
  5. Commercial Electric Crepe Maker Benchtop Appliances Benchtop
  6. Commercial Deep Fryers Thor Natural Gas
  7. Polar Freezer
  8. Unox XEVC-0511-E1R Combi Oven
  9. COBRA CMC10 10 Tray Electric Combi Oven
  10. BLUE SEAL E7SDW Sapiens 7 Tray Electric Combi Oven
Work with our local adviser to find out how to save on your commercial kitchen equipment.


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