Let's Define the Term "Life Coach"

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When I tell people that I'm a life coach, I get different reactions.Some people are intrigued, even excited at the idea. They want to know more but are fans of the concept.Others are perplexed. Perhaps they have no idea what such a coach does. Or why anyone needs a coach. And some think there's no reason to pay for these services. 

What is Life Coaching? Let's say you were a member of a sports team of some sort. Naturally, you'd have a coach to guide the strategy and in-game action. The coach provides value to the rest of the team in several ways: 
1. Figures out what each player is and is not good at doing 
2. Constructs gameplans and strategies to take advantage of team strengths 
3. Guides and supports the in-game action 
4. Helps analyze and adjust to things that didn't work in the past A life coach is a very similar role. 

Why chase your dreams by yourself and struggle to stay focused on the prize, when you can have a support resource in place to help you stick to your own plan? That's the benefit you get from these services. 

Let's Define the Term "Life Coach" Just like the coach for your team, a life coach helps review emotions and thoughts that might be causing you problems. They also look at internal dialogue and review the actions you take in pursuit of your goals. Most importantly, they will help you figure out what you want from life and build a plan to get there. The process will help you figure out what you are doing to prevent your own success in life. Is it possibly you are sabotaging yourself? If you haven't achieved what you know you can achieve, there's a good chance that is the case. A life coach helps in any or all of these situations. Life Coaching: What You Should Expect When working with a life coach, you'll take a deep dive into your wants and desires. You'll analyze what you want from life. Then you'll together build a plan to make it happen. You should very seriously explore your options, and prioritize what you want out of life. Then, your goal setting and plan will take a lead role in your life. Along the way, your coaching partner will be right there alongside you to review progress, hold you accountable to yourself, and help you get back on track when things get hectic or off course. Success is different for everyone. What exactly is a success to you? Money? Fame? Happiness? Peace of mind? Love? Any of these topics would be fair game. Any of them. A personal, business, or success coach will help you set a plan and milestones in place, and most importantly, they'll help you stick with the plan! And they'll be your cheerleader when you get to the promised land. If you've never considered the services, you really should. What is a life coach? They just might be your best friend in the end. Abundance is already inside of you. Identify it, find it, and flourish from it. You deserve the best.


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